Carmel Hill New York partners with over 50 schools in New York City to support primary and secondary aged students’ literacy proficiency and love of reading by providing educators with the means to motivate reading practice, monitor progress, and refine instruction. We believe that reading and literacy are critical in enabling youth to not only advance academically and professionally, but formulate a point of view and contribute to society.

Our Impact

2M+ Books

We ensure that partnering schools possess a minimum of 10 books per student and have gifted over 2 million books to school libraries and classrooms.

500,000+ Computers

We supply partnering schools with the necessary technology for blended learning practices and have gifted over 500,000 devices to equip labs and classrooms.

20+ Hours

We offer core professional development modules totaling 20+ hours of training and our Implementation Specialists provide partnering schools with ongoing coaching on independent reading practice, assessment data analysis, and instructional planning solutions.

“So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well: They begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky.”
William James

New York Resources

If you are currently an educator partnered with the Carmel Hill NYC project and wish to access implementation resources or information on events, please click here:

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teacher helping a young student pronounce words

Individual Programs

Education Technology Solutions

Our principal focus is the provision of cutting-edge education software, including reading practice and literacy assessment solutions, while providing partnering schools with the necessary literature and technology to succeed in program implementation.

Professional Development Modules

Implementation Specialists provide premiere support and coaching on independent reading best practices, and using data to guide student grouping, progress monitoring, interventions, and differentiated instructional planning.

Library Project

The Carmel Hill Fund Library Project supports school libraries through design and renovation, literature selection, and consultative services. Our Library Specialists work closely with librarians to acquire materials that reflect the needs of the entire school community and align with curriculum requirements.

Student Enrichment Project

Supports schools with social emotional programming, educational field trips and author visits, as well as sponsorship for high performing students’ participation in summer gifted and talented camps and preparation for specialized high school entry.

Celebrating Our Stories

Collaborating with educators to identify the literacy needs of students, catalyze purposeful instructional change, and foster reading improvement by celebrating their accomplishments.

A Day in the Life: Maria Garcia, Implementation Specialist

I support my schools by conducting regular school visits to facilitate Data Digs with grade teams, post STAR assessments, to analyze class and grade-level data; Teacher Conferences to share class AR Reports, flag areas of concern, and discuss strategies for motivating students to read; Administrator Check-ins to review progress towards benchmarks set out in our reading incentive programs; Classroom Visits to celebrate individual students and classes for meeting their reading practice goals; and Professional Development trainings to help teachers navigate the software and access key reports.

A School Success Story: Hazel Cruz, Assistant Principal - P.S. 83 Luis Munoz Rivera

Partnership with The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program has been impactful for our school. Students want to read, quiz, and see how their learning is growing all while their brains are nourished. “In-time” data reports, standards-based activities, self-monitoring and accessibility to technology and literature has made it all possible.

A Day in the Life: Anthony Roberto, Implementation Specialist & Technology Coordinator

In the morning, I often go directly to a school where I meet with a principal, coordinator, or teacher. Afterwards I head to the computer lab where I provide individualized coaching to teachers on literacy practices. Off to the next school I go, only this time I refurbish a computer lab with updated software or replace broken components. Lastly, it’s back to the office to reach out to my schools and inquire on how I can assist, then develop a plan to address their needs during my next visit. Before heading home, I pop in to talk to my supervisor about ways to maximize our support to schools.

A Day in the Life: Damary Gonzalez, Implementation Specialist & Library Project Coordinator

A school library has been awarded a Carmel Hill Library Renovation Grant. In the morning we meet with the principal, librarian and custodians to go over an action plan and stages of the project. The librarian, my colleague and I stay in the library, we put our protective gear on and start removing old computers, damaged furniture and books that are meant to go in the classrooms. We clear the area and can now see the shelves that are filled with dusty and unused books that are in need of weeding. We start going through the books one by one and creating different piles; books that are outdated, damaged, or that will become part of the library collection. After a few days of this, we can start our barcoding and spine label project.

Where We Work

The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program is a national organization, but our impact can be felt most strongly in the communities in which we work.


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