Who We Are

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Our Mission

The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program’s mission is to promote literacy and foster a love of reading, particularly among at-risk youth in inner cities.

Our Values

Collaboration, Commitment, and Connection are the three Cs of The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program. Our values honor the partnerships we have with educators who drive the impact we hope for students and guide our day to day decisions and behaviors.


Collaboration speaks to how we work with our partners. We understand that every partnership is unique so we build a plan with educators to ensure practices best meet the needs of their students.


Commitment is at the forefront of our work with partnering schools. We are passionate about the power of literacy and the conviction that every student should have the opportunity to discover great books and who they are in relationship to the world.


Connection is the heart of what we do. We never lose sight that the primary desire of our founder, Mr. William Ruane, was to connect students with books. This aspiration drives our everyday decisions and actions.

Our History

Carmel Hill began its journey at St. Paul's in Harlem. Since then we have grown to support over 200 schools in our three locations.

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Portait of Mr.Ruane (Founder of Carmel HIll)

Where We Work

The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program is a national organization, but our impact can be seen most strongly in the communities in which we work.


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