Where We Work

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Our Work

The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program operates projects in Denver, CO, Monroe, LA, and New York, NY. We maintain that reading is not only an educational skill, but also a tool that children can use to enhance their lives beyond their circumstances. To this end, we form partnerships with schools in these cities to provide educators with the means to improve their students’ reading and literacy abilities.


It is our honor and greatest joy to work with over 1000 educators in the Denver area. We are constantly amazed by the passion of teachers and administrators as they teach and support children on their path to being a reader. In turn, every day Carmel Hill Colorado dedicates our work to educators, children, and books.

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Colorado Programs

School Partnerships

The framework of our partnerships are designed to support schools in creating and developing a sustainable system around Independent Reading Best Practices, and we accomplish this by working directly with teachers and administrators in all aspects involved; such as the student experience, book choice, teacher development, school processes, and technology.

Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver

We established our partnership with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver in 2005 to help stop the “summer slide” that children can experience in reading. We have since expanded into a full year reading partnership with 20 Boys and Girls Clubs

Kinder Read Alouds

Through reading aloud to our youngest readers, these students are introduced to high quality literature, a diverse range of authors, and they joy of a great book.


The Carmel Hill Fund is honored to partner with 22 schools in North Louisiana. We service over 425 educators and over 6,700 students, and provide the tools needed to foster a culture of successful readers. We are dedicated to these teachers and students and are committed to provide everything necessary to assist our program within each of our schools.

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Louisiana Programs

School Partnerships

Our school partnerships are centered around developing successful independent readers. Most of our students begin school without the background knowledge needed to read on grade level. We are able to provide assessments to identify each child’s independent reading level, and our librarians, teachers, and interns assist each student in selecting the appropriate books to ensure reading growth.

Champion Program

The Carmel Hill Louisiana Project offers the Carmel Hill Champion Program to every classroom and school each school year. Each classroom must reach certain goals to be considered a Carmel Hill Champion, and each school must have a certain number of Carmel Hill Champion Classrooms to be considered a Carmel Hill School of Champions.


We are fortunate to partner with our Pre-K classrooms to introduce our program to our youngest readers. These students learn about independent reading levels, different genres of literature, and how to select appropriate books to ensure reading growth.

New York

Carmel Hill’s New York project partners with over 50 schools to develop students’ literacy proficiency and independent reading practice.  We provide partnering educators with the necessary resources and consultation to improve students' reading ability, empowering them to enhance their own wellbeing and positively contribute to society.

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New York Programs

Education Technology Solutions

Our principal focus is the provision of cutting-edge education software, including reading practice and literacy assessment solutions, while providing partnering schools with the necessary literature and technology to succeed in program implementation.

Implementation Specialists

Implementation Specialists provide premiere support and coaching on independent reading best practices, and using data to guide student grouping, progress monitoring, interventions, and differentiated instructional planning.

Library Project

The Carmel Hill Fund Library Project supports school libraries through design and renovation, literature selection, and consultative services. Our Library Specialists work closely with librarians to acquire materials that reflect the needs of the entire school community and align with curriculum requirements.

Student Enrichment Project

Supports schools with social emotional programming, educational field trips and author visits, as well as sponsorship for high performing students’ participation in summer gifted and talented camps and preparation for specialized high school entry.