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Our Work

The Carmel Hill Fund is honored to partner with 27 schools in North Louisiana. We service over 600 educators and over 10,000 students, and provide the tools needed to foster a culture of successful readers. We are dedicated to these teachers and students and are committed to provide everything necessary to assist our program within each of our schools.

Our Impact

6,400 Educators

We have provided professional development to over 6,400 teachers and librarians so they can support successful independent reading growth and literacy.

350,000 Library Books

We are committed to bridging the literacy gap, and we have provided over 350,000 books to our partnering schools. In turn, our students are exposed to a variety of interest levels, reading levels, genres, and the most current titles available.

250 Interns

Over 250 edcuation majors at the University of Louisiana at Monroe have worked with our schools to assist in the successful implementation of our programs and gain valuable experience working with students, educators, and administrators.

“A book is a dream you hold in your hand.”
Neil Gaiman

Louisiana Resources

If you are currently an educator working with the Carmel Hill Louisiana Project, please click to access resources.

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Individual Programs

School Partnerships

Our school partnerships are centered around developing successful independent readers. Most of our students begin school without the background knowledge needed to read on grade level. We are able to provide assessments to identify each child’s independent reading level, and our librarians, teachers, and interns assist each student in selecting the appropriate books to ensure reading growth.

Champion Program

The Carmel Hill Louisiana Project offers the Carmel Hill Champion Program to every classroom and school each school year. Each classroom must reach certain goals to be considered a Carmel Hill Champion, and each school must have a certain number of Carmel Hill Champion Classrooms to be considered a Carmel Hill School of Champions.


We are fortunate to partner with our Pre-K classrooms to introduce our program to our youngest readers. These students learn about independent reading levels, different genres of literature, and how to select appropriate books to ensure reading growth.

The Monroe Literacy and Art Bus

We are honored to partner with The Monroe Literacy and Art Bus. The LAB is a mobile classroom focused on increasing literacy and arts education in South Monroe. The bus travels to a different school each month and certified educators teach sessions targeted to specific grade levels and content. We provide necessary technology, materials, and books to ensure each student is equipped, ready to learn, and has books to take home.

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Celebrating Our Stories

Creating a culture of readers takes teamwork, and our educators are committed to our students’ success. Here are some of our success stories…

Success Story: Barkdull Faulk Elementary School

At Barkdull Faulk Elementary in Monroe, LA, while using the tools and programs provided through Carmel Hill, teachers have been able to use data to minimize learning gaps and fulfill individual needs of students. They’ve seen a 56% growth in reading goals and a 39% increase in comprehension.

Success Story: Jesse Flunder

Jesse Flunder first became involved as a high school student when Carmel Hill sponsored his attendance at the Summer Institute for the Gifted. In college, he served as a liaison between his university and Carmel Hill, recruiting interns to work in the district’s schools. He now teaches eighth grade English in Monroe.

Success Story: Martin Luther King, Jr Junior High School, Michael Price Principal

The Carmel Hill Fund Educational Program has had a measurable impact on the student’s academic and social-emotional success at Martin Luther King Jr., Junior High School. The funding allows students access to curriculum-aligned books that help reinforce their academic success. We have a wide range of reading materials that enable students to see themselves in their reading, thus building empathy by conveying their own voices. Reading continues to improve, as do our standardized test scores. We believe this is largely due to increased literacy. The Carmel Hill Fund's partnership with our school is helping with our academic success and with the productivity of our school environment. This is a benefit to our students as they continue to become well-rounded future leaders in our community.

Success Story: Woodlawn Elementary, Jane Biggs Principal

The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program has created a renewed excitement for reading among our students and teachers! The funding that provides books at a variety of interest and reading levels, as well as genres, is working on closing the reading achievement gap. Having the most current titles available to students ensures that we are able to spark that interest in reading and maintain it. The professional development for our literacy specialist has been phenomenal and instrumental in impacting school-wide literacy.

Where We Work

The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program is a national organization, but our impact can be felt most strongly in the communities in which we work.


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